• About Me

    My name is Jack Thomas. I'm a 22 year old musician, audio engineer, music producer, and motivational speaker. I've been playing music for over 10 years. I started playing the bass guitar just before I turned 10, and picked up the drums at the age of 13. In that time, I taught myself guitar and a little bit of piano. I've performed in numerous bands, produced albums for other local bands as well as my own, and have been a session musician for countless music recording projects. I am currently an active member of the local music scene.


    On September 4th, 2015, my right arm was torn off at the elbow by a conveyor belt at the recycling plant I was working at. I was in the hospital for only 6 days before being transferred to GF Strong Physical Rehabilitation Centre to regain my strength and relearn how to live. After staying there for just under a month, I was able to go back to school, relearn how to play the drums and bass, and graduate on time in June 2016. At the end of my 12th grade year, I was the only drummer in 3 years to be a part of the annual "Band of The Year" award from the Terry Fox Secondary Rock School program, run by Juno Award Winning Steve Sainas. I was an 8 time winner of the award, as well as the winner of the "Contemporary Music Student of The Year" award.


    Since I've graduated, I attended Nimbus School of Recording and Media for numerous diploma programs in sound and music production. As of August 2018, I've successfully completed the Advanced Studio Production Diploma program, the Post & Game Audio Production Post Diploma program, the Advanced Audio Engineering Post Diploma program, as well as the Live Sound Mixing & Recording Post Diploma program.


    In September 2018, I was awarded with the Musicounts JUNO's Excellence In Audio Engineering award for my work at Nimbus. I was given a grant as well as a week long music industry retreat in Toronto.


    I'm currently in two bands, one of which is locally known in the heavy music scene. I've recorded, produced, and mixed albums for local bands playing in several genres including punk, indie, rock, hardcore, and metal. I've also produced all of my band's material. Its common for me to have 3-4 different band's projects on the go at once.


    Aside from music, I work with WorkSafe BC as a motivational speaker. My purpose of speaking is to provide a positive influence and encourage others to help them find motivation to reach their goals, as well as speaking on the importance of work safety, and knowing your rights in the work place and being able to listen to your gut when something at work seems unsafe.